Thursday, 4 February 2010

Rugby To Ansty. 1 Tunnel.

Nearly got seasickness today.

Whats this? water being pushed astern? we must be on the move again.
Where are the Kwells?

Ooo it was Cold, very, very cold.
Ooo it was wet, very, very wet, but so what? we were on the move again!
Leaving the police and ambulance sirens of Rugby in our wake was a small price to pay, and, quite frankly, it has been a bit of a relief.

The Newbold Tunnel, I always have to ask why? Why do they spend all this money lighting a tunnel that is no more than a long bridge?

It does look nice, but I can think of a few other tunnels around the system that would get a lot more benefit from a few white lights than this one.

We are now close to Ansty after passing only one other moving boat today, which was Nice!

Until next time.....................

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