Friday, 5 February 2010

Ansty To Burton Hastings.

Three canals and more logs than you can shake a stick at!

This is much more like it. No wind, rain, snow or ice and a temperature of ten degrees, its a heat wave........ Joice and rejoice!!

The first of the canals we were on today was the Oxford.
This is the stop lock at Sutton Stop/Hawkesbury Junction, whatever you want to call it, just before we did a complete U turn under that bridge ahead and joined the Coventry canal.

Before we arrived here we had the good fortune to come across a BW team chopping and trimming the trees along the towpath, we duly took full advantage of that piece of luck to the extent that we are now very low in the water.

These are the water point moorings just past the junction on to the Coventry, not much chance of a top up here then.

The mannequin at my favourite boatyard has had yet another change of clothes, what a place that is!

Another turn,

and we are on the third canal for today being the Ashby, or if you prefer, the Ashby De La Zouch Canal. Things do seem to have two names around here.

An hours chainsawing, in this glorious location, has set us up for quite a few days of log burning with the added bonus of loads more trunks still up on the roof ready to be cut.
It's all good.

Until next time........................


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