Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Congerstone, Market Bosworth Then Hinckley.

It seems we have blinked.

I definitely shouldn't have typed that bit about blinking and being back at the house in the last Blog.

The phone has brought us some bad news and it looks like we will be having to find Ubique a comfy marina and heading back for a while................Not good!!

We had a very short trip along to Market Bosworth yesterday, It was just so cold with the east wind whipping around our ears the warm fire won out again.

Today though, was a whole different ball game.
No wind and being very mild meant we were soon on our way.

This is the "Dadlington Wharf", as that grand sign proclaims. This could be slightly over egging the pudding methinks.

Crunchie has taken to watching the world go by from "her" window.

A family of swans came over to peer at her whilst we were moored yesterday.

Decisions, decisions, run away, stay put, run away, stay put. To give her her due though, she did stick it out gazing eye to eye with those huge white floating aliens.


Until next time..................................


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