Friday, 12 February 2010

Market Bosworth To Hinckley, Then On To Burton Hastings.

A day of contrasts and a night of "How Much.......?"

It wasn't looking all that promising on Wednesday evening.

But come the morning the canal looked inviting once more. It was still cold enough to freeze one of the water point taps at Market Bosworth though, good job the other one leaked because that kept a flow of water moving overnight and it remained working.

Not more than ten minutes out and we hit the ice again, this was decision time then.

We had run very low on supplies and we had to get to Hinckley to try and get a Tesco delivery sooo.........

Do we go on and chance the next three hours or do we reverse back?

It was then a boat came crunching and smashing through the ice from the other direction, our luck was still holding!!

Turn one corner and you were faced with scenes like this.

Turn a different corner and you move into another world.

Hinckley was reached and we moored outside Trinity Marina, made the Tesco order and settled in to wait.

The marina then told us they wanted five of our English pounds to tie to "Their bit" of the bank for the night. No services included......the charge was just for mooring!
We were committed so we had to cough up.

Now I know that some boaters moan about the charge of six pounds a night at the end of the Llangollen, but at least that includes all the electricity you can eat and water supplied from points at every mooring.

We wont be visiting Trinity again in a hurry.


Tesco duly arrived this morning and we have now moved, fully laden, an hour down the canal to Burton Hastings in preparation for an assault on Atherstone over the next day or two.


Until next time........................


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bob said...

Hi Chris and Debbie, Thanks for your deligtful commentary of life on the Ashby, we were there in august and moored at the 5 quid mooring outside the pub for 4 or 5 days. The services are included, well, sort of, we asked at the marina store and paid a 20 quid refundable deposit and was given an electronic key that we used to access the abulition block and token operated laundry. It is a great spot to stay and then arrange for an enterprise car hire and visit Coventry.