Sunday, 7 February 2010

Burton Hastings To Market Bosworth.

Two strange questions on the Ashby.

Slipping gently away from the bank on a morning like this is always going to be good, the stillness was all over the air and almost tangible.

The Ashby is a "dead end" sort of a canal, being stuck out as a branch line from the main network, it is therefore an up to the end and back trip for the modern traveller.

Today, within an hour of each other, we were asked by two other boaters "Are you going anywhere nice?" How can you answer this?.....when we were asked this type of question on the Staffs and Worcs or the Shroppie we could say yes,... we are off to Leeds, that would always throw them. But here, all you can say is "to the end and back" where else can you go?

Straight through the hole if you please.

The Ashby is well known for being a shallow and resultingly slow canal. Dredging has been going on at certain locations along the way, in all that mud are some quite large Clam shells.

Freshwater Clams, Mussels and Crayfish? The shell fisherman inside of me is taking over.........


A rudder at the front? .......good thinking paddle man!

We have passed a fellow Blogger today as he called to us, but unfortunately we have no idea who it was as there was no name on his boat. If you are that man, give us the nod and we can add you to our Blog roll.

Until next time..............................



Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

For the boat with no name, try this for size

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Brian & Diana,

Yes, thats him.
I've added them to the Blog roll.

Thanks for that.

Regards Chris.

Pete said...

Quite right all. For it was indeed I from Pickles no2. Sorry, but you caught me unawares and sneaked up on me unseen and unheard. I was also chatting to a fellow livaboard.

I bet you'll be back this way in a couple of days. We always get two chances around here.