Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Market Bosworth.

One "no brainer" and a U turn.

Yesterday was cold, windy and snowing gently. That equals warm fire, doors closed and bottles open. No Brainer........Simples click.

Today on the other hand was, colder, windier but no snow.

We had to move though as all the weather guessers are agreed that tonight and tomorrow will see temperatures of minus three to four. Getting ourselves near a water point and some shops seemed to be a good idea, just in case they are right this time.
The canal system does seem to have a penchant for freezing over at the drop of a hat and we didn't want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

This is as far "up" the canal as we went, Shackerstone! that's a name that just rolls off the tongue.
Is it up the canal to the end? or is it down to the end? or even along to the end? No locks, flat and level, no flow in the water either. Purely by the fact it terminates further North than it starts I have gone for "Up".

It did brighten up for a while as we scuttled back to find some safer moorings. I hope the guessers are right about this.

The end of the Ashby will have to be reached another day.

Nb Armadillo has joined us here for the night, maybe they have the same idea.

Until next time....................


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