Monday, 15 February 2010

Hartshill To Atherstone.

The good, the bad and..................... thankfully our luck is still holding!

If you would bear with me for a moment I have a chalk and cheese story to tell.

We needed to get to a Doctors, nothing urgent or serious. D remembered seeing a surgery in Atherstone so that is why we are here.

This is what transpired at the STATION STREET SURGERY in Atherstone.

Pitching up at the receptionists counter (I think I can hear you all saying, I know whats coming next) the delightfully dismissive and very brusque robot that was on watch at the time informed us that there was no doctor on duty and to go away. She actually said go to A&E at the hospital in Nuneaton but it sounded like go away.

This is not an emergency........................Go away.

When will there be a doctor in then?.........Go away.

We don't mind waiting..........................Go away.

The blood was beginning to boil and the hackles were rising when a man came in behind us and overhearing what was going on, told us he was from another boat and he has been to the other surgery. It turned out he was trying to borrow a wheelchair but the robot was having none of that either.

The other surgery was the "Atherstone Surgery" which he took us to.

Polite, friendly and after filling in a form we were all sorted and away within the hour.

What a difference!

Our luck really held by meeting that man or we would have been on the bus back to Nuneaton as the robot completely failed to mention the other Doctors surgery in town.

I know this sort of thing happens, but why should people have to put up with "The Receptionist from hell"? Why are these people still in work? They are rude, unhelpful and downright useless to the firm they are working for.

On the wall there was a box for suggestions/complaints, we are going back tomorrow.

If you are still here,

The run into Atherstone at this time of year is a real treat, this part of the Coventry follows a contour line meaning you have hills rising to the left of you and valleys to the right. The canal seems to be clinging on to the side of the hill for its life.

Through the rooftops Peter Pan style.

A little splash of colour, dare one hope of things to come?

This tree in bud was travelling past at two miles an hour hence the blur. Nothing to do with terrible camera work whatsoever.

Just an idea of the area.

Until next time..................................


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