Sunday, 21 February 2010

Congerstone To...........Congerstone. 1 Tunnel.

To the end of the world and back.

Another heavy snow fall and a frozen canal greeted us this morning.
Today though, we were going to the end of this canal.....whatever!

Carving our way through this slushy soup wasn't as bad for the boat as you might think.

We were soon in the Snarestone tunnel bringing the end ever nearer,

and we were just as soon out of it again, the sun seemed even brighter after the five minutes it took us to go through.

Then............... we were at the end.
The end of this canal felt like the end of the world.

One water point, two porta cabins and a Wendy house. Not a soul in sight anywhere.

To be fair though, this is a bit of a building site at the moment, as they are trying to reclaim and reopen some of the nine miles of canal that were lost to subsidence many years ago.

Ironically, it was the mines that the Ashby canal was built to serve that proved to be its demise from this point on.

After collecting a tankful of water, it was back through the tunnel and onwards for another fantastic afternoons chugging.

The light around here can be spectacular, we sometimes find ourselves just standing in silence on the stern as the world moves by us.

Until next time................................


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