Thursday, 24 September 2009

Wormleighton to Napton. 8 Locks.

Below are a few pictures of the sunset that we were treated to last night.

Whether the red sky at night rhyme had anything to do with it or not, today was a glorious day to be boating.

Everyone was in a good mood at the locks and even though it was really busy again, the time just flew away.

As we set off this morning we were able to see where we would end up. The left hand side of that distant hill has Napton windmill on it. It looks so far away from here you would never believe you could get there in one day.

I Blogged yesterday about these bridges that have no sides only to find this one today that has been built up and made "safe".

Absolutely beautiful views across the country all the way along the canal. It really is a genuine pleasure to be here.

We were following this chap down through the locks today. His boat is wooden and was built in 1955. His parents bought it second hand when he was fourteen and eventually it has passed to him.

It must be a real labour of love to keep it afloat after all that time, but it looks immaculate and considering how fragile it must be he is obviously taking very good care of it.

The mill draws ever nearer.

There are quite a few of those pill boxes dotted along this canal, once again I ask myself what are they doing right out here? Were they manned at any time? did the soldiers have to live in them for a time? I feel a Google search coming on.

And here we are, back at Napton. The mill on the hill overlooking the village.

A quick ice cream for one member of the crew before mooring for the night.

Until next time..........................


Soulgirl said...

Excellent photos! This is what I'm so looking forward to experiencing myself.

I'm enjoying your blog... thank you :o)

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Soulgirl,

It certainly was a magical evening!
By the sound of things it wont be too long before you are aboard your boat.

Glad you are enjoying the Blog.

Regards Chris & Debbie.

Heth said...

Hi Chris & Debbie,

The little pill boxes were put by the sides of all the canals in WW2because it was discovered that the Germans were using the canal system as a "map" of the UK. Helping them to seek out towns & cities. At one time it was suspected that they may even target the canal system which was still a main artery for transport of goods at that time. But thankfully that never happened...
Just thought you might like to know!

(Takey Tezey)

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Heather,

Thank you for commenting,

That would make a lot of sense as to why there are so many of these boxes out here in the middle of nowhere.

Regards Chris & Debbie