Saturday, 19 September 2009

Middle of Nowhere to Banbury. 6 Locks.

A bit of a bad night last night (Friday) as we were visited in the wee small hours by some of Banburys knuckle dragging, high foreheaded, hoody wearing morons.

This mob thought is was hilarious to run along the tow path setting the narrow boats adrift as they went. We were one of the unfortunate boats who once we were moored again, got the same treatment an hour later. The trouble is as soon as they loose your ropes they push the boat mid channel leaving you no way to get to them.

The old couple behind us were quite shaken by having this done to them and left at first light never to return.

This was all done under the watchful gaze of what must be the most useless CCTV cameras ever.

this is where we spent Thursday night, a mowed and cleared part of the bank in the middle of nowhere. I dont think that BW did this as is was only just big enough for us to fit in. It could be a local boat's favourite spot for the weekend and they have cleared it for themselves.

Off we went into another bright and fine day with the landscape rolling away into the distance.

This sign, what can I say about this sign?
It is a three day chug from Oxford (One end of the canal) and a four to five day chug to Braunston (The other end of the canal), what is it doing there?
If you didn't know you were on the wrong canal by the time you see this sign youve probably slowed your pace of life too much.

This is the approach to Somerton Deep Lock and the Lock keepers house, I had Blogged about there not being any visible means of access by road on our trip down the canal.
Well there isnt, all goods are brought in by boat. That must take some organising!!

A date stone in Aynho Weir lock.
Eight years before the outbreak of WW2 someone was putting that stone there,.... makes you think....... does it not?

Had to move to some better moorings today, might get some sleep tonight then.

Until tomorrow..............................


Mark said...

Nice blog, guys.
You can have good times and bad times in Banbury. We stayed two nights last year and had no problems at all. It's not the place that counts.

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comment,
yes we do like Banbury and the recent problems havent put us off going back.
All we need is a padlock and chain for the centre bollard as that seems to be what a lot of the other boats have got.
I have just read your Blog and must thank you once again for your words.
To be honest I did not know that venomous old man existed but I do know where his boat is as we have passed it twice. His name is painted boldly on the side.

Regards chris & Debbie.

Adam said...

It's a couple of years since I did that stretch on canal, but if I remember correctly, that sign is aimed at passengers on the train. A welcome change, I reckon, as on the nearby M40, the River Cherwell is marked, but the canal completely ignored.

Maffi said...

There are several of the]ose notices along the canal mos if not all can be seen from a road or railway.

Were you in the Royal Engineers?

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Adam,
Thats done it, D said its probably for the passengers on the train but I couldnt see it myself.
Someones in gloat mode now.

Regards Chris & Debbie.

Hi Maffi,
Thanks for the information as well.

Not in the Royal Engineers myself, it was the previous owner.
If you Google the poem Ubique by Kipling make sure you get the very last line as some sites dont feature it.

Regards Chris & Debbie.