Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Cropredy to past Wormleighton. 8 Locks.

Today has been a day of mainly waiting to get through the eight locks, then a very pleasant cruise for the last couple of hours.

So many boats leaving themselves impossible targets, one was trying to get to Fenny Compton by twelve for a lunch date in the pub. He was two boats ahead of us in the queue and we made it at just gone four. Another was trying to get to Braunston to return his boat to the hire firm, we should be at Braunston in about two days.

The first lock had five boats queuing ahead of us when we arrived and six behind us when we got through. Busy, busy, busy.

Once through the last lock and a short way along we were confronted with this boat adrift across the canal.
This is why it is not a good idea to leave a boat moored on pins ( like a giant tent peg) unattended on a busy canal. Every boat that passes loosens the pegs grip in the soil just that little bit more until it falls out.

A quick nudge from Ubique, and the helpfulness of another moored boats skipper saw the boat alongside once more and us on our way.

This bridge (I know, another bridge) seems to have a bit missing. If you can imagine where your feet must go to walk over it, ....there are no sides.

Another imaginative boat complete with Astro Turf and false duck.

This is where the Fenny Compton "Tunnel" used to be. According to the book this was converted to a cutting back in 1868.
After typing that I suppose I had better explain what the book is for the benefit of non travelling boaters.
The book is the Nicholson Guide to the Waterways, AKA The little Red Book or the Bible. This book is invaluable to all canal users as it maps all the different waterways in Ordnance Survey detail and has little snippets of information as well.
We have six aboard at the moment as each book covers different areas.

Mother and Calf.

She stopped licking him and just glared at us as we went by. The picture doesn't really show the look in her eye.

A shepherd gathering his flock.

A quad bike with a loud horn, whatever happened to the sheep dog?

Until next time..................

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