Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Banbury to Cropredy (revisited). 4 Locks.

We unchained Ubique from her moorings after the long weekend and chugged away past all the other boats chained to their moorings.

This came about by boaters, who in the vast majority are friendly and helpful, warning other crews to fix chains as there has been a spate of boats being set adrift. Those with chains did so but some without just moved on.

This cannot be good for the town in terms of reputation and lost revenue as it is actually a nice place to stop over.

Maybe a security guard or, dare I say, a police officer walking along at closing time on Friday and Saturday nights could go some way to stop it happening on a regular basis.

O well,


Banbury with a banner on the bridge promoting canal day on 4th October. Fancy dress to be the order of the day!

Another day of mixed weather so far, we are waiting for the rain to start as we polished all the brasswork yesterday and that is normally the harbinger of the rain without fail.

We passed this couple gingerly taking their GRP cruiser into the lock, the way Ubique takes a bashing on her solid steel hull I honestly dont think I would like to be in their shoes.
Plenty of people do it though, slow and easy must be the order of the day.

Lovely views again and Autumn is realy kicking in with the colours now, also wild Hops can be found in the hedgerows which D is a big fan of.
This could be the reason that Hops are now hanging and draped over most of the galley area.

They apparently smell lovely,.......... I dont think my nose is working.

Until next time..............................

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