Friday, 25 September 2009

Staying put at Napton.

We were going to stay here and get a Tescos delivery but the reception is so poor it would have been quicker to walk back to Banbury than try the Internet.

We spent a very tranquil evening yesterday moored just above the bottom lock.

I think we were very lucky to get in on the end here considering how busy the canal has been of late.

This was the situation at the lock this morning, so much boat traffic has almost flooded the pound above. When this lock is full, the water is escaping over the sides and running down the towpath.

Back to yesterday and the fifty three year old wooden boat. He bravely tried to squeeze her into the lock with a small narrowboat to speed things up a bit, this left his outdrive within inches of the cill as they went down.
Not doing that again says he.
Cant blame you says I, there really is no hurry.

Oh so rural.

This half way shaggy bull reminds me of our trip to the Highlands where a postcard had this type of picture with the caption of
"Rain is Gods way of washing coos"
Probably trying to make light of the seemingly never ending rain that falls there.
We had less rain up there than we have had down here this summer, so that's got to be one clean coo!

On the move tomorrow again,

Until then................................

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