Saturday, 26 September 2009

Napton to Willoughby. 1 Lock.

A proper autumn morning today, very still with a little nip in the air and so very quiet.

A not so quick top up of the water tank, the water pressure was practically non existent and it took us the best part of hour to fill up. That certainly was no hardship on a morning like that.

The banks are starting to change their colour now. The odd splash of orange or red appearing every now and then.

Just along from Napton is this colony of Canada Geese, D managed to count up to a hundred and thirty eight of them milling around in that field.

Very, very busy out here today, there seemed to be a constant stream of boats heading the other way. It is the weekend again so as its nice they could be snatching the last chances for a weekend away before it gets too cold.

Braunston Junction once more, this time we are off to the left to try our luck at Coventry.

This will take us through Rugby as well, which is a place neither of us has been to before.

That was a bit of an odd realisation as we have toured extensively around this area in our caravan, Rugby seems to have been missed out. We can certainly make up for that now.

After mooring this afternoon we noticed a small sign lurking in the bushes in front of the boat.


After a while of very carefully trying to find the thing it turned up a little way from the sign.

I suppose there is a reason it has not been pulled up, could it be a protected spieces?

There is a lot of small print at the bottom causing you to bend and get very close to the ground to read it, its a good job the weed wasnt at the sign or we would probably have a blister or two by now.

Until next time..........................


Soulgirl said...

Fabulous photographs!

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Soulgirl,

Thanks for that, much appreciated.

Regards Chris & Debbie.