Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Rugby to Hawkesbury. 1 tunnel, no Locks.

Last night tried for a sunset but didn't quite make it, nice though.

We had a really great chug today, the sun was out, it was nice and warm and the canal was sparkling in our wake.

The trees are starting to give off their best displays as the winter marches towards us.

Some people though, just cannot get to grips with the pace of this life.

These two boats came literally pounding up the canal behind us, we were not moving that slowly at the time but I pulled over and let them pass, which on here means running yourself aground.

Only to pass the first one ten minutes later mooring up at one end of a row of boats,

And the second one moored at the other end. Ten minutes, that's all their rushing gained them, but for what?

A tunnel, or a long bridge?

A bit of a surprise in this one as it was very decoratively lit. This is the Newbold tunnel which has a towpath on either side as its claim to fame. The disused side has been converted into a light show.

This is probably not a good sign for all the conservationists and people in general who help to keep the canals open. All these new trees have fallen over backwards and exposed a great big sheet of something or other that they cannot get their roots through and get a grip on the soil underneath.
Back to the drawing board on that one.

Probably why you come across the odd sheep floating along the canal.

Passing another narrowboat under this beautifully designed motorway bridge, could the words blot and landscape be used here?

Approaching the Rose boatyard, where they have their own little walkway across the canal.
This has to be opened by any traveller wishing to pass and is delightfully balanced by a heap of fifty six pound weights.

We are near the Elephant and Castle this evening, I kid you not, this is a pub that we might go and try.

Until next time..............................

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