Monday, 28 September 2009

Hillmorton to Rugby. No locks.

A very quick Blog today as we have only moved for an hour along the canal to Rugby where we found the local Tesco had some incredible deals on the throat oil.

We will be moving off with a bit of a list to one side tomorrow.

Most of the bridges along here have been decorated with murals and fresco's, this one is of canals then and now but most depict the game of rugby.......for some reason or other.

Just trying to engage warp speed here but there was not enough power from the engine.

These radio masts cover the horizon as the canal approaches Hillmorton, D counted forty two as we passed by, there are probably a lot more.

This is where we have moored for the rest of the day, alongside a very well kept park.
I am sitting here at the moment watching a manic Squirrel trying to bury as much as he can in the shortest possible time.

Just going to try some of the new throat oil.

Until next time..........................................

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