Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sunday 1st March 09. Fenny Stratford to New Bradwell. 4 hours 1 lock.

Today found us being rudely awoken by a duck feeding from the waterline of the boat.

For a small creature they do make a lot of noise one way or the other.

It turned out it was for the best though as we might have missed this morning view,

It was still and silent (apart from the ducks) with a faint mist over the water. Loverrrrrrly.

We had bought half a dozen eggs from a table with an honesty box at the last lock yesterday,

The chickens were all running about in the garden, the eggs did seem to taste different at breakfast, a little bit milder I thought, D said sweeter but whatever we thought definitely different to the supermarkets.

The only lock today and just to make it more interesting some joker had slapped a swing bridge right in the middle of it, probably for fun as it seemed to go nowhere. (I'm a designer and Ill make it harder for these boater types, this will get em.)

Back on the track these trees had been "Pollarded" at some stage and were now off growing again, this all seems to be part of the upkeep of the lands next to the canal. Everything around this area is clean and well maintained, seems to be safe as we have seen single women out walking with the dog, running or pushing pushchairs small children about 8/9 years old playing on the tow path etc etc.

All areas are like this with what they call the canal "Boulevard" being lined with Poplar trees, benches, parks and are well signposted.

The end of this cruise was a quick half hour chopping the logs we had collected and then drinks and playing crib sitting in the sun in the "cratch" canalspeak for the bit at the bow.
The weather today has been unbelievable for the 1st March, and we did make the most of it.

Its a roast dinner stopping me now,
so until tomorrow------.

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LES said...

Hi Chris/Debbie
Welcome to the world of Cont. Cruisers.
I have added you to my list of boaters blogs on my blog.
LES (NB Valerie)