Saturday, 28 February 2009

Saturday 28th February, Grand Union, Lindsdale back to Fenny Stratford. 6 locks 5 hours.

Today saw us finding the closest Tesco`s on the internet and going to it.

This might seem mundane but it took the best part of the day to do it!!.
We had to go to Leighton Buzzard anyway to turn around as there is a lock stoppage further down the canal. This turning is called "winding" in canal speak and the wind part is pronounced as in the wind blows and not as in wind the handle, odd, but when in Rome etc. These are hire boats at a boat yard stretching as far as the eye can see and nearly blocking the canal at times. The warmer weather is going to make this bit very busy.

The Tesco store was right on the canal and even had its own moorings for boating shoppers,
sometimes things work out ok.

Weirdest name for a boat yet! "Moose Drool" Why? What were they thinking when they named that? The mind boggles.
On this subject, our own boat name has been generating quite a bit of interest, we have had a man from a lock keepers cottage asking if I was anything to do with the artillary?

Granny Buttons had a chat with us about the meaning of Ubique at the Tesco moorings (Although we didnt know who he was at the time), he had it spot on, we were also hailed by some friends of the last owner as we passed by.

Lots of liveaboards down this stretch, all really friendly. There was a mooring warden cruising up and down these few miles living in his own boat with his wife. What a great job.

On most of these bridges there are still the remnants of the horse drawn era, can you imagine how long you would have to pull a rope across a piece of metal to cut just one of those grooves?

Now when I said lets take a few years out on the canal, I definitely did not think that size mattered.

Not sure weather this boat is connected to NASA or what?
Log fire is calling again, must go.
Until tomorrow, Bye


nbrhapsody said...

Hi Chris and Debbie,

We know your stretch of canal well since our boat was built at Whilton and we've been south to London a number of times. Moose Drool is named after a micro brewery in Montana. They have been there for several years.

Have a great time with your new adventure. There is nothing else in the world like it.

Ann and John
nb Rhapsody

From Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Ann & John,

Thanks for letting us know the history of the name,
It was just that it conjured up an image in my mind of this great big Moose standing there slobbering.

Do you have a Blog site we can link to and visa versa as we are new to Blogging and not too sure of the etiquette at the moment.

Regards Chris & Debbie.

nbrhapsody said...

Hi C&D,
I've never posted to a blog before yours. Keep it going as we're enjoying it. We have been continuous cruisers for 5 years, but are not back on nb Rhapsody yet. Some friends recognize that we're living our dream. Others just think we're crazy!

Cheers, A&J