Monday, 2 March 2009

Monday 2 March 09, New Bradwell to Blisworth tunnel. 8 locks 7 hours.

A good old frost greeted us this morning, (all those clear skies yesterday I suppose) went back to bed with the coffee until the fire took hold. Up later and just look at our breakfast view.
Too good to miss so off we go again into an absolutely glorious day, a fair nip in the air but who cares.

Passing over a main road you just cant help thinking this speed is better for the soul, but would the goods be on time nowadays?

Another sad loss, cant imagine why this hasn't been developed yet.

This sign at the top gate of a lock really amused me, It points to London left and Birmingham right and tells you are on the Grand Union Canal. I can just imagine the husband/wife conversation,
" I told you London was THAT way"

Very exposed and rural through this part, the river Ouse is way down in the valley while the canal follows a course half way up the hill. With no locks this must have been a major feat of engineering.
It was with a bit of a jolt that we found ourselves at the bottom of the Stoke Bruerne set of locks.
Time had just disappeared.
We made the decision to work through and have moored at the southern end of the tunnel ready for the morning.
This day was so sunny and fine we lost all track of time, realising at the end of it that we had been going for 7 hours was strange.
See what tomorrow brings, Bye for now.

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