Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tuesday 10 March 09, Blisworth tunnel to Cosworth. 7 locks, 1 museum.

Today started well with another trip through the tube, we were joined at the centre door for breakfast by another white friend, this was then followed by a trip to the Stoke Bruerne museum to learn about the ghost who haunts the tunnel, great so far.

Then it happened!!

We new it would happen at some stage, we didn't know who it would happen to first though or when it would happen but...............

D fell in the canal,

we weren't moving at the time and she was quickly recovered with no damage, there was a moment for me though when she completely went under and I could see her face looking up from under the water, bearing in mind she was fully dressed with boots and a coat this was one of those moments when you think right act now, sort this out,.............. then she stood up, the water came up to her waist. Now I know that she is not that tall but!!!.

Fuss all over, hot shower taken, well stoked fire to sit next to and fresh clothes on,


The small amount of rain we have had recently has had this effect on the locks, this makes them very difficult to work but thankfully we met up with a shared ownership boat going our way who had crew aplenty. Too many cooks didn't spoil the broth this time.

We carried on this evening as it was too good to miss, at some stages with the sun going down and the mirror like water shining we felt like we could have been in the picture on a chocolate box or jigsaw.

Finished the day at Cosgrove again but arriving in the dark gave an added dimension to the whole day.
More evening /night cruises to come I think.
Dinners ready.
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