Friday, 6 March 2009

Just a few more pics from yesterday.
This lift bridge was one of three on the canal and seem to be there for decoration purposes only as they seemed to lead to and from nowhere. You can just make D out swinging on the chains to open it. Hee Hee.

Next to this lock were these strange figures, they were of a woman sitting on a bench with a bag looking at a boy pointing to a Squirrel in the tree. The sculpture (If that's what you would call it) was made from wire and chain link fencing. Very clever but in the middle of nowhere?

The top lock at last, ( That was a long time coming) 18 narrow locks behind us and I did have to pull the boat out out of this one as there was a boat moored on the approach bollards. Didn't get in the canal though!!!!

You need to get there to pick up your crew after they have closed the gate. Steaming off into the distance seems to upset them.


I have been spending about three hours a night trying to upload the pictures to this blog site and it has been a nightmare, I have been blaming the "Dongle", the computer, even the quacking ducks but it turns out that the site is so busy because everyone seems to be blogging at the same time in the evening Blogger just cant handle the load. This is run by Google?

Rant over.

So I tried this morning and uploaded these 3 pictures in less than five minutes, the blog is now unfortunately going to be a day behind as I will upload the previous days adventures in the morning.

This should help my sanity and spare D`s ears.

Until the next time.......

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