Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday 3 March 09. South end to the Northend of the Blisworth tunnel. 1 Hour.

After a strange nights sleep, Owls, eerie woods, odd noises we headed for our second dose of the Blisworth shower tube. This time we were well prepared, oilskins on, hoods up, roof shut, every light on the boat turned on and shining through the windows.

We then met another boat in there, as it turned out there is just enough room (and I do mean just )to get past if you are careful.

I couldnt help thinking that if you were in a themed pleasure park you would have to pay money to be sent into a long dark tunnel and have water spayed at you in copious quantities at regular intervals, so therefore that was fun with no cost for the ride.

Exiting the tube, the weather had changed for the worse so we have moored up for the day and listening to the rain on the roof.
Sound system working ok.
Until tomorrow.


LES said...

Hi u 2 adventurers
If you`re getting low on food you can get a bus OPPosite Blisworth church to a big Tesco just 9 mins journey.

From Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Les,

That is exactly what we did today (Wed). Thanks for the info.

Cheers Chris & Debbie.