Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Monday 9 March 09. Lower Weedon to Blisworth (revisited).

This morning we were awoken by " Beep....keep clear this vehicle is reversing, Beep....keep clear this vehicle is reversing and so on. 05.20am is apparently when Mr Biffa empties the canalside skips in this village. 05.20..AM! you really couldn't make this up, where I used to work Biffa had the contract to empty the skips for a short while, you would be lucky to see them on the collection day or the collection week or the collection month.

The weather had got even worse overnight but our water situation forced a move, so off we went with a gale of wind behind us to the nearest water point, which proved to be just down the canal.

That would have been the sensible place to rest for the remainder of the day given the conditions, we did that yesterday, and that's not really for us so off we went, ooo I do like a challenge having a 55 footer sliding down the canal at a 45 degree angle under wind power and just kicking the stern around to fit under the next bridge hole before doing it again is great.

Only saw one boat out today and he was going into the wind (slowly).

Moored at the entrance to the Blisworth shower tube again, have been going up and down this bit quite a lot waiting for the Buckby flight to reopen. Only 4 more days if everything goes to plan and then we are off.

Here's another couple of pics that wouldn't upload under the old system.

This monstrosity takes the M1 over the canal on the Northampton arm.

Here is the chief wood collector doing what wood collectors do.
Now: How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?
Ill leave the rest to you if you know what I am on about.
Bye for now.

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