Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday 8 March 09. No cruising one village trip.

Awoke to the sound of the wind howling against the boat in the wee hours, this then found me on the towpath doubling the ropes by torchlight, Joy!. Never mind, a nice lie in could be had later. Not on your life could it, we had moored unknowingly next to a village church which we couldn't see as it was down the embankment, the bells, the bells its the bells.

It did seem too windy to go any where today so we toddled off to the village to have a look around, found a one stop shop that was unbelievably selling three bottles of Stowells wine for a tenner, same as Asda. After we had stocked up and left the shop is when the heavens chose to open up.

Take your coat says D, what do I need a coat for says I ?

Anyway here are a few pics that would not upload the other day, this is back on the Northampton arm and shows the canal looking like it could rise a couple of inches and fill those fields.

This was Gayton junction where we are sporting Dee's wood collection and making the decision to go down the arm.

Our first narrow lock, there is not a lot of room in there.

Hope the weather is better tomorrow, until then.........

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