Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wednesday 4 March 09. Blisworth to Northhampton, 14 locks, 1 trip to Tesco.

Another bright and sunny day and we are off on the BUS to Tesco at Northhampton.
Haven`t been on a bus for as long as I can remember, 7 of our hard earned pounds for a 9 minute trip each way came as a bit of a shock. Should have walked says D, On yer bike says I.

We slipped from Blisworth in the early afternoon and were no more than two minutes into the cruise when the very loud call of the lesser spotted wood collecter (theres wood, theres wood, theres wood. Try and imagine an owl) stopped us in our tracks.
At Gayton Junction we stopped with roof gaily sporting various sticks etc to pick up a guide to the Northhampton arm of the Grand Union from the BW box, which was of course empty.


Our first narrow lock, these are a little bit more awkward to work through than the wider locks, as you have two small gates at one end to open and close which means lots of moving from one side of the lock to the other. Not i`m pleased to say for the man on the tiller.

We got the boat through 14 of these this afternoon, and someone has just used all the hot water having a nice warm bath to ease the aches and pains.

Thats it for now.

Until Tomorrow------ Bye.

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