Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stretton Under Fosse To Willoughby...ish,
3 Locks And One Tunnel.

Nearly at Marmite land now!

Yet another trip through the strangeness that is the Newbold Tunnel, will they ever turn those lights off?
Wasteful or what?

Scooting along to Hillmorton, we find that the winter stoppage program has had BW changing all the balance beams on this lock but seemingly they could not find a pot of paint to bring them up to scratch.
It's not quite the same is it?

The second set of beams - from this angle - look like they could well and truly tangle themselves up

This is the marina that was going to be opened in Autumn last year.
All the plant has now gone and that looks like a very expensive hole in the ground!

We are now within shouting distance of Marmite land, aka Braunston - you either love it or you hate it - and the packing has begun.
When you start, you suddenly realise the enormity of the task ahead. Just exactly how much stuff can you cram onto a narrowboat over two years?

Boxes, we need boxes, many more boxes.

Until next time..................... 


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