Sunday, 20 March 2011

Buckby Top Lock.

Ousted by boxes.........just as well!

Isn't it funny how things work out?

We arrived here a day ahead of schedule, we packed like demons yesterday until we could not move on the boat due to the piles of boxes and have had to transfer to the tow path or cratch for our meals.
This morning was a bit chilly for breakfast but we had to brave it as there is no room to set the table up inside.
Sitting there we could here this crackling noise start up which gradually got louder and louder and sounded like a bonfire.
This turned out to be the hedgerow going up in smoke next to the boat moored ahead of us.
Dashing down there with buckets and banging on their roof to get them out we all got it under control and then managed to put it out.

It seems they had emptied their ash bucket in the hedgerow last night where a not quite out ember must have smoldered away and suddenly burst into flames this morning.

Had circumstances not led us to being right there just when we were needed, that whole hedge would have gone up as it is as dry as tinder.

A salutary warning to make sure your ash is definitely out before dumping it!

Off to the Marina tomorrow...........Ooooeer.

Until next time....................


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Maffi said...

Well done for acting so quickly. I have wtritten about this recently, putting ash under hedges is not only littering but could as in this case cause a fire.