Sunday, 13 March 2011

Great Haywood Junction To Fradley Junction, 4 Locks.

Who on earth.............

Picture this.
It's a quarter to eight in the morning, it's pouring with rain and it's Sunday.
People are walking through the mud on the towpath past the boat with animated and happy voices. me, there are only two types of people in the world who would do this, Fisherman and Ramblers.
Today it was the turn of the Ramblers, loads of them all bouncing along and laughing. I tell you, that is serious dedication it total lunacy?
Warm bed?  Wet muddy towpath? 
Warm bed?  Wet muddy towpath?
Decisions decisions!

We had no choice, we had to go. Coats, gloves and hats were the order of the day when we set off.
I do have a lot of faith in weather lore though and I was relying on the one that is  "Rain before seven, fine before eleven".
True to form the rain stopped at ten thirty and by the time these volunteers were out and about to clear some more BW bank side, it was a lovely sunny day.  

Even Rugeley looked great in the sun today.
If you look closely on the right of this picture there is a boat moored up, that boat has been there since we passed through here on the fourth of October last year.

The friendly local power supplier at the end of your street.
This is a fairly new estate built more or less in the grounds of the power station, all the houses are sold though and someone even seems to be trying to sell on.

Another day and another canal.
We are now on the Coventry in what seems like a headlong rush to get back to the beginning.

The removal van is booked!

Until next time...................


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