Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fradley Junction To Grendon, 2 Locks. Then Onto Hartshill, 11 Locks.

Flying along now.

Heading off to Fazeley Junction we passed quite a few encampments along the way, this boat has got to be the smallest livaboard we have seen in our two years.
How they manage beggars belief.

Passing through a very empty Fazeley Junction we could only stop for some chips from the local chippie as we must press on.

Passing through what must be two of the slowest filling locks on the system, Glascote Locks - A whole hour it took us just to get through these two - we went off to a favourite mooring of ours in the middle of nowhere.

After setting up camp we were just settling down and guess what?

Oh yes........Along came the usual boat.
All the canal and any mooring that they want to choose, so where do they stop?
Twenty feet from our bow!!! 
I know I keep harping on about this, but....politeness and common sense would dictate you leave at least a seventy foot gap so even if these completely empty moorings suddenly filled up, a boat could still get in and moor. Nothing could get in the gap these "people" have left.

Our cosy warm evening with a bottle of wine plan, was to attack the Atherstone Flight at silly o'clock in the morning.
Silly o'clock arrived but..... good evening ideas don't seem quite so good in the cold light of day.
In our defence though, it was cold and it was misty and it was quite dark.
The warm duvet soon won.

We moved on much later!

Until next time.........................


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