Thursday, 10 March 2011

Market Drayton And Beyond.

Oooo Tuesday was a very surreal day.

Tuesday morning found us waiting for the man from Whilton Marina to call.

The horse hair has snapped, the sword has fallen but we have managed to dodge most of the sharp bits.
The man arrived bang on time and after a quick look around offered us some money, a little bit of haggling later and Ubique was sold. Just like that!
 Gutted, Gutted, Gutted.

We have been forced into this situation by tenants and their continuously changing minds. Trying to Manage the house from this far away on our own just isn't possible any more so the decision was made and back we go.
Two years out here was our original plan and although we have done a lot more in that time than we thought we would, we were not quite ready to go back just yet.

But.........needs must.

Until next time....................    



Anonymous said...

So when will you be leaving the boat? I guess you will be taking it to the Marina. Did they buy it for a specific buyer or will they be hoping to sell it on.

What are your plans after you sort out the house?

Questions questions.

Sorry to see you go.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about using a letting agent? We are currently organising our house to be let while we become liveaboards, and the house will be looked after for us.

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Sorry to see you go, we have only met in the flesh once but like most bloggers I look upon you as friends.

Mark (Quaysider) said...

OMG - for purely selfish reasons I'm gutted...

You're part of my morning routine (like Wogan used to be)...kettle on, laptop open and catch up with your adventures... Your style of writing, wit and attention to detail has been my inspiration.

I do hope you return to the waterways -

Much love to you both .


Anonymous said...

I too will miss the daily fix!
Hope to catch up again on your return

Lisa said...

Well I really hope this is Au Revoir, your blog is my bestest favourite. I really hope you find that living on dry land is not for you and you return, and swiftly, yes for selfish personal reasons.
Keep taking the fab pictures, I shall still like to read your take on life,
You will be missed by many me thinks,

TESTBED said...

Really sorry to hear your news. I've enjoyed following your blog over the past few months and have big admiration for your fortitude coping with life afloat through the big freeze. Will the experience of life as continual cruisers lure you back to the cut?

Nb Duxllandyn