Friday, 11 March 2011

Penkridge, 8 Locks.

A Digest of a Blog today....... to catch up.

After selling Ubique on Tuesday morning we set off on a two week cruise to get her back to Whilton.
First though, we had to get past the rest of the Shroppie which is in a terribly unstable condition through most of the cuttings, this fall has only been partially cleared for reasons best known only to BW.

Leave a seven foot gap lads and bung some fenders on it, that should do for a few years.

A bit of a beer, music and wine fueled night later we were off to Gnosall on Wednesday.
It was here we worked out our trip and realised that we have left ourselves too much to do in our normal mode and will have to step up a gear and go whatever the weather.

Thursday, of course, was blowing an absolute gale and we made a very slanted, crabbing, four hour trip to Autherley Junction to find - yet again - a boatyard taking over everything in reach. Where do you drop off or pick up crew at this lock?

Friday is here and we are off to Penkridge.
A few locks to do first though and five hours later we arrived.
We are now actually wondering if we are in the right place for tonight as there are so many students - of all ages - hanging around on this towpath making a huge nuisance of themselves.

Until next time.....................



Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Sorry to hear you're leaving the cut, keep p the blog, it has never been less than amusing. We'll all miss you.

Kevin said...

I'm so sorry to learn that you are leaving... I do hope that you'll be like Status Quo... keep on rocking and having 'farewell tours' for years to come:)

Please keep on blogging...


Elsie said...

Hi Chris & Debbie,

Sad news for you, perhaps you'll return to the cut later when you're older and retired! We'll miss seeing you out and about.