Saturday, 12 March 2011

Penkridge To Great Haywood Junction, 7 Locks.

Not too sure if we are actually enjoying this trip.....

Many heartfelt thanks to those messages of support, they do mean a lot......honestly.

There were a few questions in there from various readers so I thought it might be easier to answer them in a Blog.

Yes we are taking Ubique back to the Marina and I think they have bought her to sell on, but you never know.
One door closes and another one opens, so as to what we will be doing next, Who knows? certainly not us at the moment and that, to be honest, is quite exciting!

A letting agent was never for us owing to the huge fees involved, also we would still have had to return for painting etc on changing tenants.

Ruth, as soon as we have bought a car we will be over for a visit.

As for returning to the cut...........again, who knows?

Now, how cute can you get?
This was a field of new borns who could hardly even stand to follow mum as she wandered off.
They seem to know what a camera is though.

Continuing in a spring theme.
Cygnets are on the way here, and if you point that at me again.... I'll fix you good.

This, unbelievably, is Tixall Wide on a Saturday afternoon. A distinct lack of boating activity here today.
Not so early this morning, as not one but two yellow perils passed us heading for the first lock. Half an hour - and one breakfast later -  they are still there.
Off goes D to find out what's going on buy a paper, to find them trying to fill the lock with the bottom paddles open.
Bearing in mind that they must have worked through six locks yesterday from when they left the boatyard to arriving here, they messed this one up with style.

Big ole smiles and the explanation that they are doing the four counties ring and need to travel at least eight hours a day to get round.
Best they turn back now then.

Another day under the belt and no one's feeling any happier.

Until next time.......................


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Paul said...

will miss the NB blogs guys, trust you keep on posting

Much love

Paul and kath

NB Lola