Thursday, 3 March 2011

Grindley Brook To Baddiley No1 Lock, 7 Locks, 1 Staircase And 2 Lift Bridges.

A canal fest of a day in the sunshine......... but then,

Grindley Brook has been closed for some of the winter for repairs.

They didn't fix the top gate!

They didn't fix the middle gates!

And they certainly didn't fix the paddle gear.

There was a bit of new paint on the bottom lock gates though.

The weirs were just as ferocious as we wended our way down.

The boatyard at Wrenbury are really taking the mickey here, all the boats on the right are on the visitor moorings and there is not one space left for us "visitors".

Imagine the scene...... we have just chugged down the Llangollen for about four hours on a perfect canaling day.
We have negotiated a fest of locks and other features all in the lovely warm spring sunshine and are considering ourselves very lucky indeed. Mooring at the top of the next few locks we even had drinks on the stern as the warmth of the late afternoon sun was too good to miss.......Then

We get a phone call from the new tenants saying their situation has changed and they can no longer afford to pay the rent.

We are now in trouble!

Until next time..............................


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