Monday, 21 March 2011

Buckby Top Lock To Whilton Marina, 7 Locks.

Oh..... if you have ever had a surreal day this one takes the biscuit!!! 

Setting off for Whilton on an idyllic canaling day, we were just about as fed up as something very fed up in a very fed up place.
Did I mention we were fed up? 
Well we were!


Mooching through what must be some of the heaviest locks on the system - they have nicely painted in the cill markers over the winter though - gave D her final workout.

Then, the final doom laden lock and we were out and moored for the last time.

Now for the surreal bit.....
The man from Whilton appeared in the bow doors with a bankers draft handed it over.........and that was it!
 Ubique was gone!

Just like that, no form filling no post mortem...... nothing.

Until next time......................



Jill and Graham said...

We are so sorry; you must be gutted, but times will change and you'll be back. Matilda Rose

Kevin said...

Hi Chris & Debbie,
You must be full of all sorts of different emotions tonight. But I'm sure that the good times that you've had with Ubique will be with you forever and through your blog will remain evidence for all to read.
Best wishes for your future,

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

We will all miss you out here on the cut, good luck with whatever you decide your next adventure will be.