Friday, 26 November 2010

Blake Mere To Ellesmere, 1 Tunnel.

What on earth..........?

We moved back to Ellesmere this morning as it is our monthly shopping day.
It was absolutely packed with boats, so packed there was only one mooring left.
We grabbed that and are now moored in amongst the sheep for the rest of the day.

What all these boats are doing here is a bit of a mystery unless they are trying to settle for the duration using the tiny bit of ice that is around as an excuse for not being able to move on.

Is it an Otter?  is it a Mink? is it a Beaver?
No it is someones pet dog that has launched itself into the water to fetch a thrown stick.
That must have been cold in that mere, very very cold.

The fire is blazing and the doors are locked, two quilts on the bed and the hot milk is ready for the rum...........sorted.

Until next time......................


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