Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Norton Junction.

At last!!!

We are classing today as the official first day of spring.

The sun was out, the wind had dropped and we could actually have the doors open for most of the day.
Although we are moored in what is nothing more than a BW working boatyard it has been great.
Lots of painting and polishing going on, we will soon have the winter ravages sorted out if this keeps up.

Tesco duly delivered our order quite early but then it was a hard decision not to get straight back out there chugging along in the sunshine.
We did need to make a start on these jobs though!....Sensible......Sensible...just keep saying its the sensible thing to do.

Lunch in the cratch (front of the boat) today accompanied by a very well behaved Crunchie, that is until two swans came visiting for their food.

Honestly, I shouldn't laugh, but you have never seen anything as funny as these two creatures meeting each other. Swans hiss and flap, Cats hiss and flap, then they both scarper as fast as they can.
Not too much time elapses though before the swans are back and the cat has turned her back to them as if they don't exist.

Until next time................................................


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