Sunday, 14 March 2010


A decision made.

Getting very fed up with hanging around now, this is not why we are out here at all.

Therefore, instead of just waiting around for the sword of Damocles to fall we are going to be dodging around a bit. If it all goes pear shaped, then so be it.

A very fair amount of boats moving around now. It seems that even though we spoke to the "BW Horse" the other day, they have actually opened the Buckby Locks at ten thirty yesterday morning........... Left hand, Right hand who knows?

The boat approaching above is a hire boat from the fleet that we like to call the "Yellow Perils". They are actually from the Viking afloat hire firm, but we will stick with our name, it seems more fitting!

Lots of water here at the moment, so much so it is running over the gates.

Crunchie doing what Crunchie does best, apart from eating, that is.
She is coming along nicely as we are introducing her to the outside world very gradually.
Our aim is to get her sat in a basket on the roof at the stern where she can watch the world go slowly by with us during the day.

Until next time............................



narrowminded said...

I almost met you then! The boat heading away from the Yellow Peril is Zulu Warrior!

Currently in Weedon, despite the "no chance that Buckby Locks will open before monday 12pm" they actually were open on Saturday!


Adam said...

We normally call them Viking Adrift!