Friday, 12 March 2010


A picture of something that seems to be a bit rare at the moment.

Daffodils..............I know they are in a pot and that is cheating, but they are the first ones we have seen this season.

The expected flood of boats through here has not yet occurred as the Buckby Locks are still closed and will reopen on Monday. This is straight from the horses mouth, ie: the staff of the BW office here.
This office is open from Ten till Four............ but only on Fridays...Nice!

An unusual planter here, a recycled washing machine drum. Good drainage though.

A carpet of Snowdrops with a few Crocuses growing near the Gongoozlers Floating Cafe.

A "Gongoozler" being somebody who takes an active interest in watching the goings on of a canal, but not participating.
I couldn't believe that that word is actually in the dictionary.

As you can tell we have been wandering around, this led us up to the top of the Braunston locks to see the finished work at the tunnel mouth.
Unfortunately the towpath was closed above the top lock so we couldn't get there anyway, it was then the rains started so we have retreated, rather damply, back aboard Ubique and to the comfort of our fire.

I have two more people to add to my Blogroll, they are: Heth on Takey Tezey and Nb Zulu Warrior, just click on the links to visit their sites....... Its all good!

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