Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Crick And Onwards.

This is it then!

Crick turned out to be one of the worst reception areas for phone and Broadband that we have come across in our travels so far, hence the gap in Blogging.

Maybe the church had had enough of it as well and showed its disgust by flying the flag upside down!!!

As a point of interest this way of flying the flag on land is considered an insult to the crown and is still punishable as an act of treason. Ooooo.....

Still, they don't mess about with their signage here either.

Spring is still springing.

A little black lamb tucked in there, getting ready to be "That Sheep".

Another trip through the Watford staircase,

Then onwards to and through Braunston.

We are now in the process of taking Ubique to a mooring as we have now got to go back to the brick home.

Despite all the efforts of our friends, the problem that we have has not been resolved and we will have to go back...... Not so good!!!


Until next time..................................



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