Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hargreaves Bridge.

Liberation. Free the Hargreaves Two.

The boat that was moored some way behind us made a break for it this morning.

He got as far as our stern before his boat rode up onto the ice and slipped off into our little puddle, thankfully he missed us.
Not to be outdone though, he reversed back and came at it again under what must have been full throttle.

He pulverised it!! This is in the afternoon as the sun is doing its best to melt it all away.

There is still a "plug" of ice towards Braunston though, another boat was having a go at it but gave up half way through..... Shame!

I cant quite believe the change in the weather today, as I sit here typing this I have got the centre doors open letting the sun stream in.

Twelve days into our entrapment and we still have half a tank of water left.

I remember when we bought Ubique they said she had an unusually large water tank, that was a good selling point for us as we were going to be living aboard and needed to carry as much water as we could.

Not doing so well on the coal front though, one bag left now. Oooerr.

Until next time.................................

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