Saturday, 9 January 2010

Hargreaves Bridge.

An expedition to Tesco's.

The sun was out, the snow was crisp.
Shall we see if we can get to Tesco from here says I.
Ok says D.

We had seen a farmers track leading to Braunston the other day, which although covered in snow, would be a lot flatter than the towpath for pulling our trolleys. Off we went.

Half way along we found the herd of Bulls.

These Bulls had horns, lots of horns, and to a creature they were staring at us.
We then found ourselves doing the most ridiculous thing, we were actually inching along past them cooing.... "Nice bull, nice Bull"........ They let us pass.

Three hours later we were back on board, snow covered but re-vittled and warm.

We were joined this morning by these two Pheasants pecking away at anything they could. It's got to be very hard for the wildlife at the moment, the Fox is still continuously crossing the canal in search of food, but can I catch it with the camera.........NO!

The canal doesn't look too much like a canal at the moment, nothing moving around here!

Until next time...............................

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