Monday, 18 January 2010

Hargreaves Bridge To Braunston.

We have made it back to civilisation!!

We are sailing.....we are sailing....back to Braunston......O the glee,

We are sail.....ow, Ive been told about singing before.

A boat came through late yesterday afternoon giving us hope to be moving on again today. An early start found that the canal had only gone and frozen over again!!
This ice wasn't too thick but it still took us over half an hour and one broken barge pole just to turn around.
Once turned and five minutes into our ice crunching trip, we were amazed to see another boat coming towards us! What a piece of luck that was, the canal was now open all the way in...... Result.

A full tank of lovely, lovely water, a quick trip to Tesco's to replenish the beer and wine stocks, (plus a bit of food) we are cozily settled once more. Which is nice!

Until next time...........................

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