Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Taken to the cleaners today!

Braunston marina has a launderette that can be used by all and sundry upon the purchase of a token. Great big washing machines and tumble driers were irresistible to get everything done at once.

Mugged again!!! As it turned out a bucket of water and a hairdryer would have been better.

Still.... you live and learn.

We did a "Round Robin" of the chandlers today pricing up for a few improvements that we are hoping to make.

From one to the other there was an incredible sixty percent difference in price on one item. The Internet and "Post Restante" is going to come in very handy methinks.

We have no coal left now and the coal boat was still stuck in ice the last time we spoke.

Logs it is then!

Until next time...................

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