Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hargreaves Bridge.

Little Mouse 2: Great big Humans 1:

No munched supplies today, the blocking up of the hole was still complete this morning.

In your face mousey!!

We were off out on another log hunt today, trying to supplement our fast diminishing supplies of coal.
Another two trolley loads were quickly found, that will keep us going for a couple of days.
Out with the chainsaw on our return and then a nice hot Toddy whilst standing in the falling snow. Aaaaa.

Another two inches or more of snow has covered the ground today, but interestingly, it has not settled on the canal itself. Could this be the beginning of our release from the shackles that are binding us?

Wintry scene. What more can you say?

Apart from..... as we approached Ubique with our load of logs, who or what should be sauntering past her side on the ice?
Well I'll tell was that damn Fox!! Camera was out of the pocket in a flash, just in time to see him/her vanish into the hedgerow.

One day Reynard!

Way back in the summer I bought some paints and a book on painting canal Roses, just in case we were stuck somewhere for the winter.
Why don't you give that a go? says D.
Mutter, mutter mutter says I.
I actually quite enjoyed it.
These are my first attempts and I was quite pleased with the result. I know that they are a bit off line and I know there are no leaves or daisies, but I still have time to improve.

Until next time.............................

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