Saturday, 16 January 2010

Hargreaves Bridge.

A shock to the system this morning.

We let the fire go out overnight and regretted it this morning.
It was colder in here than it was out side.

Ubique is sitting in her own puddle of water at the moment, I am thinking that the ice drew all the heat from the boat as it thawed. Chilly, very very chilly.

All the snow disappeared overnight as well, there is not a bit left anywhere around here.
If it keeps this up we will be free sooner than we thought for.

We took the floor up the other day to try and find our pipe that freezes every now and then.
We knew there is a hatch cut into the flooring in the kitchen, so we removed the floor covering and lifted the hatch. (That was a whole lot quicker to type than to do it).
Nothing, no pipes just air.
This begs the question why did the boatyard cut it in the first place?
This was done while the refit was taking place and serves no purpose whatsoever. Strange!
Still we got to look at the baseplate which is still nicely painted after all these years, very dry too which is a bonus.

Until next time......................

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