Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hargreaves Bridge.

Water water everywhere, well, in Braunston anyway!

A quick "pop" to the newsagents at Braunston for some milk and a paper this morning.
Two and a half hours later we were back.

This was the scene at Midland Chandlers around midday.

This is where we were moored over Christmas/New Year. Very fluid here, but as you leave the junction it is still very solid. Not worth crashing the boat through for a tank of water.

This is the "other" church at Braunston. We didn't even know it was out here amongst the Bulls until the other day. This is nicely isolated, and with its surrounding graveyard it must be a tad eerie around here at night.

Footprints on the canal. This might be the best I am going to get of that Fox.


A senior weather guesser on the One Show the other day came out with this pearl of wisdom:

Quote "It will not be any warmer, it will just be less cold" unquote.

As I keep on saying, they are getting paid for this waffle!!

Until next time.......................

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