Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Whilton to Buckby Top Lock. 7 Locks.

A little bit of house keeping at the marina this morning (Gas, Diesel etc), and we were once again, on our merry way.

The first lock was so choked with leaves it took me three goes just to get out of it!
They clog the propeller so quickly the boat has no thrust, for a few moments there I thought D would be hauling Ubique up the flight by rope.
But luckily for her the leaves cleared as we moved upwards. Not so lucky for me is the clip round the ear I am going to get when she reads this!!!

Not too many pictures today as the wind is howling through here again, and I can't let go of the tiller or steadying rope too much without being blown somewhere I don't want to be.

That sky lasted about an hour before gradually clouding over until we were in the last lock when the rain paid us yet another visit.
There's something picturesque about locks on a very grey day. Loneliness personified?
Until next time..................................

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bob said...

Hi Folks
Congrats on your anniversary voyage. We have been following from the start and envy you. It is great consolation to read the blog, especially now as we completed a 3 month sojurn on Rhapsody at Braunston in September and returned to Corrimal in Australia. We crossed paths in opposite directions but didn't get to meet you, maybe next time. regards
bob and jen