Friday, 6 November 2009


Now, you can call me old fashioned, a big kid or just down right silly but I love Fireworks!

I am not one who is adverse to sending a fair few hundred quids worth skywards when necessary and have done so on many an occasion (even in the middle of summer in a total eclipse), so, last night I was leaving it to everyone else around Rugby to light up the sky ( The only things that can be lit on Ubique at the moment are the stove, the cooker and the odd candle that is lying around ).

Oh dear, after what had tempted to be a firework area around here at Halloween turned into a complete damp squib come November the Fifth.

We are overlooking a huge part of Rugby from these moorings as the canal is much higher than the town itself and therefore we could see just about everything that was let off which was not a lot.

Maybe the weekend will prove to be better.

Here are some totally random pictures of our wanderings during the year.

Another "fine ship"

That post box is as decorative as all the others now.

Swallowed again!

Who did that? there were row upon row of these houses all oozing character and their own blend of charm and some dufus knocks the chimneys off.

Ere lads, thesel make good planters, whaddu fink?

Not a cloud in the sky.

Until next time................................................

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Terry said...

hello chris and debbie some of the scenery looks beautiful hope you have both had a good week back on board and have had a better bank holiday than us in herne bay (its rained of course )i hope i,ve done this right and it gets to you speak soon ,terry