Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Blisworth. Staying Put.

Well, the promised wind arrived with a vengeance last night.

We were kept awake for quite a while by little wavelets slapping onto the hull. This sounded like water running in the bilges.

As we have not had this happen before there was a certain amount of concern for a while aboard Ubique!

All was well though and as it is still blowing as hard we are not moving, no,no, no.

On our way here yesterday we came across this BW crew chopping trees, great! we thought, free logs.
Not for us though, another boat had just snaffled them all, he had nothing left other than a few twigs. Humph!

More imports coming to the canals. It seems odd that to build them out East and then ship them over here, is cheaper than to build them here in the first place. These are not small items that you can chuck in a van, the transport costs alone must be huge.

A "Broads Cruiser" looking strangely out of place here on the canal. They are nearly twice the width of the Narrowboats.
This will be the first season for a very long time that we will not be hiring one of those for a week. No need to now.
Check out that wood on the roof, more chainsawing coming up.

Should the wind drop a bit we will be off back through the Blisworth shower tube as we like to call it.

Until next time.........................

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