Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Braunston to Buckby Top Lock. 6 Locks and 1 Tunnel.

A fairly late and quite cold start to today.

The coldness was due to not being able to light the fire as we were going to pass through the Braunston Tunnel. That sort of thing is a definite no no, plumes of smoke filling the tunnel are frowned upon.

A short five minute trip and we were soon climbing our way up out and away from the hubbub that is Braunston itself.

Another silent autumnal morning that just made everything slow down.

We (and when I say "we" I mean D) only worked from one side of each of these wide locks today as there was no hurry, and frankly any form of rushing on a day like this would just be a waste.

Tranquility at its best.

One more step up the ladder completed, the gate has been left open for an approaching boat, one of only four we would meet today.

Closing in on the tunnel turned into a bit of an obstacle course, this pile of rocky man made something or other is directly opposite a row of very large half submerged stakes.

Then you reach the entrance,

which is all but obscured by this land slip.

This is the reason the tunnel is going to be closed for a good two months or more over the winter while they clear it away. We will be making sure we are back on this side before they close it off as they are also closing the Buckby Flight again this year.
This leaves very few options to move around should you become trapped on the other side.

Twenty minutes later we emerged into this tree lined avenue.
Although it was back to the out of gear/shaking the tiller routine to remove the leaves from prop and rudder at regular intervals, the day could not be spoilt.
Neither of us could remember this bit at all, even though it was only eight months ago since we passed this way after the Buckby Flight reopened and our adventure began in earnest.

Until next time.....................

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